Vendo 721 Black Ice Beverage Machine

Vending Machine

New attractive well lite versatile 10 selection beverage merchandiser vends can and bottle products. Graphic shows attractive black ice visual. Vendo is the leader in high capacity stack vendors. Use for indoor or outdoor vending.


Lead Time: One Week
Pay a deposit of $1,500.00 per item

Vending Machine Description

Machine Includes:

  • 10 selections with live product display, allows for 12 oz. and 16 oz. cans and/or 16.9 oz and/or 20 oz. bottles.
  • Machine includes 1 & 5 dollar bill acceptance and 6 tube coin mechanism for dollar coins, quarters, nickels and dimes.
  • Front styling with live product display (as shown).
  • Attractive well-lit product display for maximum customer appeal.
  • Quick disconnects at selection buttons and lights for fast servicing.
  • The time-tested design ensures reliable and flawless vending providing peace of mind to owners.
  • High security allows for indoor/ outdoor usage.
  • Slide out loading rack allows for easy greater access for product loading.
  • Sold out lights (red) or ready to vend lights (green) identifies activity.

Product Specifications:

  • 721- 10 selections
  • 72″H x 39.5″W x 34.75D,
  • 650 lbs.
  • Holds 680- 12 oz. cans or 300- 20 oz. bottles
Machine Financing Available
VendTek accepts cash and credit cards for equipment purchases. For transactions over $5,000 we offer financing. The financing terms and conditions vary upon your credit history and the amount of equipment you are looking to finance.
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