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Vending Management Services

Manage your Vending Machines from Anywhere

Are you a business with multiple locations throughout North America?

Are you looking to consolidate suppliers and negotiate the best deal?

We can help. We are a provider of vending services for businesses that have multiple locations throughout North America. We use wireless networks to connect all your vending machines for instant online viewing for a greater level of service and instant reports of activity.

Ask us how you can get connected with our service and we pay you!

Contact us now about a Reverse Lease

  • You'll see a consistency in equipment, product and pricing in each of your offices from our local service providers.
  • An assurance that each service provider in your buildings has liability insurance.
  • One consistent point of contact for all the offices.
  • Corporate Headquarters can negotiate the vending arrangement with VendTek, as your Vending Management Provider, instead of each location negotiating their own deal with the cash service industry.
  • Allowing each office to concentrate on their core business instead of the vending.
  • Online tracking with our Remote Monitoring Service for select clients. Service instantly alerts us for failed equipment, coin and dollar jams and sell out of products. Online tracking of product movement and cash revenues by Region, State, Office and /or by machine.
  • State of the Art Vending Merchandisers with the latest features and benefits including optional Area treatments.
  • Eliminates the commission reports submitted by each office for the vending revenues checks or cash received from the vending service providers.
  • This FREE Service can be provided with an emphasis on Employee Benefits or Revenue sharing with a Reverse Lease where we pay you for the space! Get more information now.

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